Chrissy’s Cuts is a brand with an ethos of making sausages without the mystery.

Self proclaimed Sausage Queen and CEO of her own company, Chrissy Flanagan gleefully admits to having converted three former vegetarians with her brand of snags. A once former vegetarian herself, Chrissy understands the importance of carefully selected ingredients sourced from ethically farmed animals.

Through a collaborative consultation process with the client, we developed an honest but playful brand that not only reflects Chrissy’s ethos but is also family-friendly and accessible to all ages.

It was important to Chrissy that her image become synonymous with the brand, so her customers could easily associate the product with the real person making it.

Capturing Chrissy’s individual personality was key to informing a photographic style that would anchor the entire visual identity. With Chrissy’s image synonymous with her name, we developed a custom logotype made from links of sausages, that was simple and flexible enough to use alongside photography.

Further touch points include hand-lettered signage and retail packaging that highlights the prime cut of meat each sausage variety is made from.

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