Bravo Gelato began over 20 years ago with a traditional family recipe, and today manufacture, distribute and sell a premium range of gelato products.

Although the strong, premium product had evolved over the 20 years, the product packaging itself had not. Now boasting a diverse range of flavours, we were tasked with re-developing the brand and packaging design range.  Our goal was to reignite excitement with consumers, celebrate the traditional artisanal qualities of the product, and create a strong retail presence that would increase market share.

A fun and uplifting product, our concept was to create a series of personalities that celebrated the unique and identifiable characteristics of each flavour profile. This was communicated through the use of individual patterns, typography and colourways that could instantly reflect the flavour. Bright palettes contrasted with a heavy use of black, elevate gelato to a premium status over ice-cream and further demonstrate value for money. Handmade typography styles vary from flavour to flavour, creating unique, personality driven stories of a hand crafted, artisanal product.

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