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We are advised not to judge a book by its cover, but in reality, there’s no other way to judge it. The title and cover will attract your attention. The blurb at the back will intrigue you into opening the book, flipping a few pages, buying it, or checking it out of the library. In the same way, your product packaging can inspire or deter sales.

In today’s world, packaging options are endless. You can use paper or plastic, barcodes or QR, holographic imaging or invisible watermarks. You can select standard dimensions or go with something a little more out-of-the-box, literally speaking. You may want something conservative and subtle, or pick a pack as iconic as a Coke bottle. It is up to you.

Product-based packaging

While it seems evident that your pack depends on your product, the link can be a little more tenuous. Suppose you are marketing cartridge ink to bankers. You may want a pack that is slightly more understated than a cartridge aimed at – say – designers at an advertising agency. Alternatively, suppose you are packing a product that customers are sometimes embarrassed to buy, like a laxative or fungal foot cream. Subtly will go a long way here.

Our packaging designers in Sydney will study your product keenly, reviewing your target customer and sales objectives, then create something that aptly fits your needs, whether you want to blend in or stand out. We will guide you on colour choice as well, because your brand palette may not necessarily work with your products. We use colour theory both to influence customers’ emotions and to show your product in the best light.

Creative packaging options

At the other end of the spectrum, the packaging does not have to be restricted to pillow-packs and boxes. Maybe your milk bottles are shaped like cows, or perhaps your acrylic paint tubes are designed to look like brushes. Your only limitation is how far you are willing to stretch. Our packaging design experts will work with your brief and help you go beyond it if you wish.

We can slip into the process at any stage, whether you are revamping an old pack or launching a product from scratch. We will handle the logo, font, imagery, photography, and even the printing of your packages, complete with bar codes and government verification stamps where necessary. We offer a seamless packaging process, and the only thing we won’t do is put your products into the finished package.

Calling out to your customers

There’s one more thing a package has: writing. The wording on a pack will include brand name, ingredients, nutritional guidelines, and possibly the brand story. It might even have a product price. Not only do we ensure that every word is legible, crisp, and distinct, our copywriters provide the right words. Emedia Creative packs are not the kind that customers ignore. They will find themselves enticed by every word as we craft your fascinating brand tale.

A good storyteller can turn the most boring paragraph into something exciting and spellbinding, and this is our copywriters’ speciality. We will turn your calorie chart into a tweet-worthy anecdote, and if you call us early enough in the process, we can help you pick the right product name, so get in touch with us today.

Packaging is a major trigger in attracting and influencing consumers to buy a brand, playing a fundamental role in the marketing mix. A well-designed package has the power to be as good as, or even better than the product itself.

With a holistic approach to brand, packaging and human experience, our packaging solutions ensure balance between product benefits and brand values. From Research, Moodboards, Concepting, Design, Prototyping, Pack Testing and Print Production, we deliver an unmistakable on-shelf presence that enriches customers at every interaction.

Emedia Creative scored: 4.6/5 from 11 Google Reviews

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Emedia Creative scored: 4.6/5 from 12 Google Reviews