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A few years ago, businesses and organisations started neglecting their websites. At the time, social media was all the rage, and it was said that nobody reads blogs anymore. On the other side of the argument, news outlets were focusing on their digital divisions, downsizing print and figuring out how to monetise their online editions.

From an advertising viewpoint, things have changed a little. While brands still market themselves on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms, their reach is increasingly compromised by the paywall. Constant changes in digital algorithms mean they have to spend more to get visibility. Fortunately, a well-designed website goes a long way.

Control your messaging

As helpful as it is to advertise through social media, the platform is not your own. You are restricted by their rules and requirements, and they can limit customer access or pull down your content at any time. That is why it is essential to support your social media campaigns on your own website. Think of it as owning vs renting. Having your own virtual property is always better. Plus, the longer it is active, the better your search engine ranking, so its value in developing leads increases with age.

Begin with efficient web development, Sydney being an excellent place to source talent. Our Emedia Creative team has programmers, designers, and copywriters that will optimise your virtual home for both algorithmic crawlers and human users. We also offer continuous maintenance in the form of technical updates and relevant content management.

Offer comprehensive information

Social media was initially intended as a fun way to interact with friends and relatives. It is only later that we turned it into a business tool. This means its design and structure is not optimised for brand management. For example, posts appear chronologically, or sometimes the layout is activity-based. If a client wanted information from a few weeks, months, or years ago, they probably couldn’t find it at will.

Not only that, but your brand information is competing with myriads of digital noise. If you have a website, the whole experience is more comfortable for your customers. They have a place they can reliably reach you and find all the information they need at a glance. The trick is to make your website up to date, easy to navigate, and mobile-friendly. Our in-house web development team is experienced in all these aspects of online protocol.

Let your customers buy online

If nothing else persuades you, think about the latest online shopping trends. Almost everyone purchases online and your best option is to develop a virtual storefront. It should be integrated with your social media assets, have an intuitive shopping cart, be encrypted for card transactions, and be compliant with Payment Card Industry Standards (PCI).

While external platforms like Etsy, Shopify, and Amazon offer online sales modules for your business, they have the same limitations as social media, so you will want to build your online shop. Our web designers in Sydney will create something that is beautiful and functional. It will offer your customers purchase options, and fit seamlessly into the rest of your website. So if you do not have a website yet, get started with us. Moreover, if your domain has been lying idle, call Emedia Creative today, and we shall show you the wonders we can do with it.

There’s no denying that digital marketing is catapulting past analog. With more and more people consuming content on their smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops every day, there is a simple necessity for businesses to ensure they are readily accessible online.

From Digital Strategy, Social Media Strategy, and Content Creation to User Experience Design (UXD), User Interface Design (UI), Web & App Development and eMarketing, we deliver strong brands online for a differentiating digital presence.

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Emedia Creative scored: 4.6/5 from 12 Google Reviews