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Strategic Services

In the technology age, a lot of people are worried about losing their jobs to machines. Others think it's just a matter of time before the robots take over. While it might seem that computers are better at clean, cold, strategic thinking, we're more focused on the heart.

Yes, we recognise the value of binary formulae and algorithms, but we also know the human element makes all the difference. We've always said a personal touch gets the job done right, and as we walk through our process, we always begin with a plan.

To make that plan, we get to know you better. We spend time understanding our clients. We realise that the overarching goal is ‘more sales', but we're sure there are other desires and visions that are unique to you and your company. We dig deep to discover them.

Once we know what you're about, we come up with strategic, actionable steps to achieve your company mission. We don't believe in theoretical solutions that just look good on paper. We deliver answers that are practical, do-able, and above all, will deliver a return on investment.

Brand Workshops

When we first meet a client, we prioritise getting to know you and your business. It's not just a social affair. We conduct strategic seminars with key members of your team. This gives us an idea of how you see yourself and what you view as trouble spots. It also shows us exactly what you require to get you moving in the right direction with focus and momentum.

Risk Mitigation

If a client opts for this service, we methodically conduct risk mitigations on the concepts being discussed and developed for your business, beginning from the very early stages of conception. Some clients dismiss testing in their hurry to get to market, but it is a crucial strategic step to be taken in order to identify if an idea has a market. The end result of the idea should be tested BEFORE thousands of dollars are invested in a bad idea.

Competitor analysis

Now we have a broad picture of what you're about and where you'd like to be. We're starting to brew our own tips and tricks on how and where you can be better. But first, we look at what the competition is doing. We clarify what you like about them, and what you don't. It's important to identify a unique angle for you business and competitor analysis is a crucial step in discovering this. We also see what you'd like to emulate, and how to do it while staying true to your own unique brand.

Research & Data Analysis

At this point, we put our thinking caps on. We know what you're looking for, and what your perceived competitors are doing. Now we do some research of our own, exploring areas you may have overlooked. We compile detailed data sets, analyse them, and put them together into easy-to-follow reports for you to look over and gain valuable insights to improve your bottom line.

Brand Audit

In a brand audit, we combine your team's view with the competition to see exactly where you're at. We review the current position of your brand, first through your eyes, then through our own. You've already told us what you want to do. Now we look at everything objectively, and tell you what you need to do in order to connect with – and convert – your prospective customers.

Brand Strategy

Once we've agreed on the hotspots that need cooling and the chill zones that should be heated up, we come up with a plan tailored to your brand. We tell you what can be done, how it can be done, and how we intend to do it. We incorporate your suggestions with our recommendations and draft a step by step plan and timeline to implement it.

Product / Brand Naming

One of the key strategic steps is often to give your product or service a (new) name. Based on findings during brand workshops and audits, competitor analysis, and importantly market research, we will give you a series of emotive names that will speak to your customers while revving up your sense of pride in your product/brand. Our name choices are guaranteed to be not just effective, but also expressive.

Content Strategy

This is a crucial strategic element for any product/service. You need to define the brand character for your target audience, and we know just how to do that. This element answers the question of How – how will consumers discover your product/service? We'll create a content strategy that takes you from teasers to product launch and beyond. We will develop communication before, during, and after the unveiling of your new brand, as well as ongoing customer engagement.

Customer Experience Mapping

The strength of our process is empathy. We begin by putting ourselves in your shoes as a brand. We find out how you see yourselves and where you want to go. Then we get into the minds of your customers, figuring out what they want from your brand. Our finishing move is to map out the best way to get all your needs met, with thorough actionable guidelines.

Creative Services

Every idea that we offer and implement is driven by purpose, function, and target. We don't just offer something that looks pretty. We provide creative solutions that communicate with your audience and inspires them to respond the way you want them to.

Everyone has a creative streak, though not everyone can translate it universally. That's where we come in. We look at your goals and targets, listen to your general direction, then sharpen your brand story in new and exciting ways that will grip and convert your target audience.

Tell us what your dreams are for your business, then leave things in our hands. We will distil, decant, and deliver beautiful concepts that are pleasing to the eyes, touching to the heart, and compelling to the wallet of your prospective customers.

Abstract art is beautiful, but it doesn't always connect with its viewers. We get that, and we recognise that art which must be explained is often lost when there's no one there to explain it. That's why we never practice or exhibit creativity for its own sake.

Logo & Identity

There are many different routes to brand recognition, and the clearest one is your logo. Your customers should see your logo and instantly know who you are. It's not just a symbol of cleverly arranged initials. It displays your character to your prospective customers, showing them what drives you and what you offer them. Our logo designers Sydney will guide you to making the right impression and ensure the position of your company is exactly where it needs to be.

Branded Environments

In addition to your logo and your brand look and feel, there are other elements that your customers associate with you. It could be a particular font, colour, style, icon, or mascot. We will help you design and implement your brand persona in a cohesive manner, whether it's an office space, an exhibition stand, or sponsored sports team.

Brochures & Catalogues

As we've noted before, you're not always on hand to engage your customers and answer their questions. Sometimes, you're not physically present to explain your ethos to them. We create the kinds of brochures and catalogues that don't simply list your products and services. Our brochures represent your spirit and persona to your clients, showing them who you are. This asset will become a valuable sales tool that works for you 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Looking for brochure design Sydney or Catalogue design Sydney? Call us 0295573366 today!

Digital Marketing

With so many digital options available today,it is very easy to be confused about the appropriate path to take for your digital advertising and presence. Most people understand the power of Facebook and Snapchat etc. as tools to connect and engage their audience. However,there's so much more to digital than social media, though it's a key spoke in the wheel of online communication. Digital offers you a personal, intimate, affordable, indispensable channel to reach your customers.

Almost everyone uses their phone as a digital heartbeat. Its alarm wakes them in the morning. Its notifications lull them to sleep. Its apps teach where to go, what to wear, how to eat. And these devices never go off. When you reach your customers through their mobile devices, you don't have to convince them to switch on or tune-in, so half your work is done.

Digital Audit

The first thing we need to do is establish where you're at, digitally. We will organise workshops with key members of your team so that we can gauge your understanding and positioning regarding digital. We'll explore your digital vision for your brand, and collect any ideas you might have on the subject. From here, we can guide you on the way forward.

Social Media Audit

As part of our Digital Audit, we'll take a look at your social media status. We'd like to establish if you have any social engagement tools and assets, and if you do, what you're doing with them. We will see what you've achieved so far, what you're happy with, what you don't like, and any digital role models you currently aspire to. This shows us where you want to go.

Digital Strategy

Once we know where you're at and where you're headed, we can step in. We will lay out a clear plan of not just what you want to do, but also what you can do. Whether you're digital novice or a netizen looking to up your game, we'll work with you to develop a series of actions you can undertake to launch your brand into the digital stratosphere.

Social Media Strategy

Some digital practitioners will have you thinking social media is the only weapon in your digital arsenal. It's not, but it's one of your best tools for digital success. We will guide you in establishing a social media presence, or enhance the one you already have. We offer specific tasks to secure a following that goes far deeper than follows, faves, and likes.

Web Development

Your business will need a virtual residential address, and we'll help you build one. Many advertisers will tell you websites are redundant, but they have a key role to play. Your social media timelines are constantly moving, so they tell customers what you're doing now. A website helps them learn more about your company history, team, product range and is absolutely essential in building your credibility. It is also the platform most likely to generate the bulk of your sales enquiries and therefore is a crucial part of the success of your business. We work with you to understand your goals and objectives in order to create a website that delivers a consistent return on your investment – day in and day out.

Search Engine Optimisation

The advantage that a website has over social media feeds is tracking. It keeps a record of what you've done in the past, what customers liked, and what you might want to review. As you generate content for your website, our SEO service will help keep your website relevant and raise its ranks in search engine results. This helps customers find their way to you.


For many customers, social media is a high volume low-impact space where they come to kick back. So while they might notice your brand, they're unlikely to engage on an economic level. What you want is to engage them in a more focused manner. We use social media to connect with your clients, but we use emails and private messaging apps to convert.

Search Engine Marketing

There's a slight difference between SEO and SEM. SEO uses organic content like articles, videos and social media posts to generate interest from search engine crawlers. SEM builds on the basis of SEO but throws in some paid digital advertising to boost efforts. SEM uses tools like Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Promoted Tweets to increase your brand's visibility.

Influencer Marketing

People will follow advice from those they like and trust, especially if those people are credible, reliable or famous. And thanks to the ubiquity of the digital sphere, brands have more access to celebrities than ever. We will identify and connect your brand to relevant influencers ranging from TV and sports stars to popular bloggers with sizeable followings.

Video Production

We've always believed TV and video are powerful advertising tools. However, booking premium TV slots is expensive and often counter-productive, since most people rush to the fridge or flip channels during commercial breaks. A better idea is to invest in web videos that have willing, captive audiences. Our top-notch production team will gladly show you the ropes.

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