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We build brands that stand apart from competitors whilst building trust with customers.

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A brand is more than a logo, a name or a slogan — it is in fact the entire experience that your prospects and customers have with your company, your products and your services. Driven by an uncompromising purpose, these experiences, if authentic and positive, can in turn captivate consumer hearts & minds, creating fandom.

Off the top of your head, mention five famous logos that you know. You probably listed Coca-Cola and Nike. Maybe Qantas and McDonalds. You might argue that these logos are famous because of the quality of the products themselves, as well as their brand marketing strategy. However, remember that once upon a time, these were new products that nobody had heard of, and their logos went a long way in making them memorable. A good logo cannot rescue a bad product, but it can make a good one better, and far more visible.

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Corporate Logo Design Sydney – Words vs pictures

A quick look at your favourite brands will tell you there are four main types of logos. Some are a picture or icon, like Pepsi. Some are a word or phrase, like Walt Disney. Some simply use a stylistic rendering of the company’s initials. The fourth kind takes any of the elements above and combines it with the right tagline. This tells you what you need to develop an effective logo. You need an expert design and creative copy. You also want something that translates equally well on digital or print, on micro-media or massive outdoor rendering.

Finding The Right Logo Font

The font is like handwriting. It tells you a lot about the person, and it can influence the way you feel about them. The font used in your logo is essentially your brand’s ‘handwriting’. Moreover, if you are looking for the right logo designer in Sydney, start with us. We shall get to know you, understanding your brand goals and – if you haven’t done it yet – defining your brand identity. We will then walk you through a series of fonts that express your brand character and communicate with your target audience.

Chosing The Right Colour For Your Logo

On a personal level, we all use colour. We probably have a favourite, though we may not be consciously aware of what draws us to it. Maybe we follow pop culture. The kind of anecdote that tells us to wear blue to TV interviews, or red on the third date. From a branding perspective, the colour choice becomes far more significant, because it can influence your customers’ perception of you. In our approach to logo design, Sydney experts may begin with your pre-selected brand palette, or we may steer you in a slightly different direction.

Research and Testing Logo Designs

Emedia has a rich resource database. We combine technical skill, creative execution, and instinctive flair to develop logos that are unique, memorable, and iconic. However, we do not stop there. We start with research, getting to know you. We experience your brand through your eyes, but also through your customers’ eyes, so that we can find the best way to represent it.

We blend aesthetics with function so that your logo communicates precisely what you want it to. Also, once we have come up with something beautiful, we test it out on potential audiences, both within your organisation and outside. We take these insights and tweak your logo as needed, giving you something both you and your customers will be proud of for years to come. So get in touch with us today for exceptional corporate logo design services.

With our experience in purpose-driven brand strategy, identity and logo design, our suite of branding services can transform your business into an authentic and consumer speaking brand.

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Emedia Creative scored: 4.6/5 from 12 Google Reviews