January 23, 2017 | Posted by Melissa So

EMC curates: australia day

We love Australia. This great southern land has so much musical talent to offer. To celebrate Australia Day the team has curated songs from our favourite Australian artists, ranging from iconic classics to fresh contemporary tracks, for your ears to feast on. Follow this link to our Spotify playlist.

For your visual pleasure, we’ve selected some our our favourite vids to our favourite songs

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Henry Lee

Dressed in the same outfit and almost mirror images of each other, Nick Cave and PJ, two great Australian icons perform an utterly intimate duet in one take.


Sia – You’ve Changed

Before donning her iconic wig and shrouding herself in anonymity, Sia showed us her cheeky smile in her videos. The handmade set pieces and creative direction in this video has captivated our studio!


Men At Work – Down Under

Packed full of Australianism (“where beer does flow and men chunder”) and wrapped up in a unique brand of Australian humour, this song has solidified itself as a national anthem of sorts.


INXS – Need You Tonight

Longing stares into the camera, overlaid montages and copious video effects. Is there anything more quintessentially 80s than this? Let Michael Hutchence’s honey coated crooning sweep you into a dreamy lull.

Who are your favourite Aussie artists? Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and let us know!

Melissa So
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