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The market will try to convince you that print is dead and that digital is all that matters.  While online assets play a significant role in your business, brochures and catalogues still have their place.  They speak for your brand when you are not present, and they are an excellent cross-selling tool. 

Think of your individual experience.  How often have you leafed through a magazine looking for one thing and ended up intrigued by three or four others?  Brochures and catalogues are the analogue versions of ‘… users who bought this might also like …’  That is why you want to put the right effort in and work with professional brochure designers in Sydney

Here at Emedia Creative, we will carry you through the entire process, from price listing to pack shots.

Our Recent Brochure & Catalogue Designs For Sydney Companies

Models that match your brand

We are not always consciously aware of it, but we respond to the human images better than abstractions. That is why clothes on a model or mannequin move faster than folded items on a shelf. The models give us context. However, you need the right kind of model. It is not always about celebrity endorsement. Sometimes, you want an ordinary guy or girl, someone your customers can see themselves in. If you wish to evoke aspiration or camaraderie, our catalogues designer will work with you to get the right models – and more importantly – work out the right contract for usage and rights.

Effective and artistic photography

Too many brands take their pack shots for granted. However, when you think about it, there’s a reason why looking at a chilled beer bottle or a can of Coca-Cola inspires thirst, even if it is a static image on a billboard. Your catalogue requires the right photography, whether you are selling a filing cabinet or a piece of accounting software. Our Sydney catalogue designers have a vibrant network of photography experts with specialities in food, events, or FMCG. We will match you with the right one and be there throughout the shoot.

Copy that drives conversion

Our photographers can take the most ordinary subject and imbue it with art and beauty. Moreover, we all know the right picture is worth a thousand words. However, you still need words. They might be prices and product descriptions in your catalogue, or they could be backstories in your brand brochure. Either way, you need words that communicate the right message. At Emedia Creative, we produce the kind of copy that pushes consumers past skimming, drawing them into your store with every word. We will also work with you to pick the best font for your purpose.

Professional catalogue production Sydney

There are two essential elements when you are thinking about catalogues and brochures: design and production. You could craft the most beautiful images and wording, but if they are printed poorly, the copy may be blurred, the photos may be off-centre, and your document may end up being illegible. Emedia Creative prevents such fallouts by handling the entire process from start to finish. We will produce your collateral in clear, crisp finish, whether you want small batches or thousands of copies. Give us a call today for glossies that are worthy of your brand.

Brochures and catalogues can be an evocative form of company storytelling, encouraging customers on a journey to purchase through persuasive imagery and messaging. At the very least they are a tool that can increase customer awareness, sales and retention.

We offer a tailored solution to each project that involves Research, Moodboards, Concepting, Design, Photography, Copywriting, Printing, and Online Conversion, ensuring your business makes a strong and memorable impact.

Contact our brochure and catalogue designer in Sydney to design creative brochure and catalogues for your business.

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Emedia Creative scored: 4.6/5 from 12 Google Reviews