April 13, 2017 | Posted by Katie Lively

Best of Easter Egg Packaging

#1 Troufa Egg by the Luminous Design Group – Athens

Using only card, to cleverly encase the chocolate egg, this modern take on an Easter chick is simply delicious.

#2 Lakris Liquorice Eggs by Johan Bülow

For those that are not into chocolate, perhaps these beautiful glass gift jars of liquorice eggs are more to your taste. Stunning packaging design form and product combine in eloquent harmony.

#3 Pancracio Geometric Eggs – Spain

A simple colour palette, geometric shape, logo and clear packaging sound simple enough, but these chocolate eggs make a luxurious statement.

#4 Egg Sandwiches by Hotel Chocolat – UK

What’s better than a chocolate egg? A chocolate caramel sandwich! Perfectly packaged to enhance the delicious novelty factor. Definitely one to put a smile on your face.

#5 Facet Egg by Hotel Chocolat – UK

Brilliantly moulded chocolate egg, housed in a gorgeous gift package- simplicity and elegance at it’s damn finest.


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