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An International Brand Launch for an Aussie Market

BabylissPro Australia is a salon-based brand for professional haircare products and styling tools. Established in Europe and renown for their quality products and innovative technologies, Emedia Creative were approached to localise the brand and packaging specific for the Aussie market.


Our challenge was to define a new direction in the professional styling tool market for three distinctive product lines – high end, med tier and grooming, that would ensure cut through against strong, established competitors.


Our collaboration process with the client deconstructed their existing European assets and identified their key objectives for launching a localised, Australian version. We needed to stand out from competitors at the premium end of the market as well as communicate the innovative technology features and benefits of the range.

Our competitor analysis uncovered a heavy and saturated dark / black approach in conveying a premium product. Whilst BabylissPro’s European line had also traveled a similar path, we elected to take the Australian version in a fresh direction, using large areas of white space and spot UV gloss finishes to create a very aspirational and ‘new-age’ feel. Our goal was to appeal to the artistic nature of our target market – hair salon owners and experience stylists. To create a sense of freedom for artistic expression, that could be unleashed through BabylissPro products. We followed this through the luxurious use of white space, colour ‘pops’ and bold geometric patterns unique to each range, to the physical naming of the ranges (aspire, create & sculpt), the expressive, energetic typography, and opulent metallic foil and spot UV print finishes.

On the technology front, we further developed a suite of icons to highlight & reinforce the innovative technologies and key features of each product. Teamed with geometric shapes, patterns and typography, these icons when comparing BabylissPro alongside other competitors, instantly stood out as an important selling point.


The BabylissPro Australia brand came together to stand heads above competitors at its launch at Hair Expo. Well received by industry professionals and sparking new interest amongst top-tier salon owners across Australia, the branding was carried through from packaging to large scale expo visuals, tees, bags and product brochures.

In our words…

Navigating the cross section between creativity and intelligence, we were able to create, concept and develop a successful International brand launch for an Aussie Market.

Katie Lively

Creative Director

A deep thinker; a problem solver; an experimenter and a motivator, Katie is driven for work and play. A possibilitarian, she immerses herself in every creative challenge, constantly asking the question ’why?’ or wondering if there is a better way. An early riser with an abundance of creative energy, she tries to squeeze the absolute most out of every day.

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