About Us

We offer big agency solutions with small agency flexibility and friendliness to deliver revenue generating results to grow your business.

Our Experience

Established in 1991, we have helped hundreds of business owners and marketing teams to break through their challenges, reach their goals and get to their next level of growth.

We use the power of digital marketing and design to transform businesses into a systemised sales and marketing machine with analytics and data to make evidence-based design and marketing decisions.

We Believe

Accountability and Transparency are Key

Setting goals and KPIs that need to be delivered ensures our team are fully accountable to our clients. Our job is to ensure your marketing yields measurable business growth without half-truths.

We Think Positive

We believe in the power of positivity; solutions not problems; proaction not reaction. We bring optimism, energy and purpose to all our work.

We Form Connections

Whether engaging with clients, their customers or interacting with each other, we always do it with meaning and authenticity. We choose to work with like-minded, down to earth people, because life is too short not to!

We Embrace the Journey

Every partnership and every project is like a new adventure. We embrace the unexpected and expect the downs with the ups (run from anyone who promises otherwise). We believe in constant and never ending improvement which is key to our success.

Meet Our People

Joe Accurso

Managing Director

Loyal, honest and straight to the point, this pizza wielding, movie producing musician has a hunger and passion for helping people and other businesses to grow. Always looking for better ways to do, think and be, Joe is on a creative quest to test, measure and iterate ideas to see what sticks, what works and the ultimate returns.

Fav word: Congruent

Next up: Speed reading

Desk space: It's a direct reflection of what's inside my head, pretty messy at times

Mantra: Mean what you say and say what you mean

Paul Graham

Digital Director

Down to earth, friendly and all round nice guy, Paul is a can-do, go-getter with an instinctive knack for digital strategy. He loves nothing more than a project with no boundaries and a client that is open to possibilities. His passion for people and getting results for clients make him an astute and energetic strategist. When he's not on the phone or emailing like crazy, you'll find him at the gym, eating out with friends, or rehearsing his rock star dream!

Fav word: YES

Next up: Learn to play the guitar & piano

Desk space: Very neat and very tidy

Mantra: Always do the right thing

Kristie Simpson

Production Manager

Gracious, kind, considerate and super detailed, this country girl is passionate about helping others in anyway she can. From the welcoming voice on the end of the line to the office ‘Queen’ of detail, systems and procedures, Kristie is the glue that binds the team together, the oil that keeps the machine running, the social butterfly that loves getting to know you and welcoming you into the Emedia Creative family.

Fav word: Awesome

Next up: Learn to speak fluent Niuean

Desk space: Spacious, tidy and rays of sunshine with a splash of coffee

Mantra: Make things happen, never sit around waiting

Saara Lemmetty

Art Director

Friendly, creative, super patient and hardworking, Saara is positivity and passion combined. Winning Young Designer of the Year at the Australian Catalogue Awards, her keen eye for detail makes her an ambitious Art Director. Mastering the art of packaging, websites or anything photoshop related she approaches each project as a fresh and exciting challenge – an exploration into making things interesting.

Fav word: Enigmatic

Next up: Successfully master 10 dishes (I’m a terrible cook)

Desk space: Clean with a hidden hoard of neatly piled treasures

Mantra: Fill each day appreciating life and find ways to ensure your happiness and happiness for those around you

Boris Kezic

Senior Creative

World traveller, CrossFit fanatic, humanitarian and motivational magnet, Boris is an emotional intellect hard wired for empathy and projects with positive social impact. An active and positive being, he loves problem solving for purpose and brand building from the ground up, translating core beliefs and ambitions into something tangible. If he’s not working he’s probably running a marathon, a spartan race, tough mudder or doing CrossFit.

Fav word: Compassion

Next up: International presenter and motivator

Desk space: Pretty minimal, but with food always nearby

Mantra: Appreciate health, love, humanity, our planet and live a full life

Awards & Mentions

Australian Catalogue Association Awards

Winner Kidstuff Catalogue 2015

Winner Camperdown Cellars Catalogue 2011

Finalist Central Christmas Catalogue 2015

Finalist Camperdown CellarsCatalogue 2014

Finalist Kidstuff Catalogue 2014

Finalist Camperdown Cellar Catalogue 2013

Finalist Welcome Gelatissimo Brochure 2009

Finalist Honeymoon Worldwide Travel Brochure 2008

Australian Create Awards

Finalist iQnovate Office Graphics 2013

Finalist Baker Extra Catalogue 2012

Finalist Ximula Product Folder 2011

Finalist EMC Damn Fine Beer Packaging 2011

LogoLounge Books

Vol 10 Acer Capital Logo 2018

Vol 09 Clinical Research Corp. Logo 2015

Vol 09 Tahiti Vacations Logo 2018

Hightone Big Book Packaging Design

Bravo Gelato Packaging 2013

Choi's Package Vol. 05

Bravo Gelato Packaging 2012


Bravo Gelato Packaging 2011

Packaging of the World

Bravo Gelato Packaging 2011

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