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What's the best way to get your customers to take action?

We believe that really understanding your customer’s needs and the issues they face is the secret sauce. This sets a benchmark to work from. What methods would be appropriate and effective to show empathy in order to connect with these individuals?

Just put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

Think about the things that you enjoy, and why you enjoy them. What makes you buy that movie ticket, attend that concert, or wear this designer instead of that one? How did that product or service catch and keep your attention?

At Emedia Creative, that’s how we always do things. We adapt your customer’s mindset; then we develop creative ways to give them what they want and need. That way, we get you, the product or service provider, what you need.

Emedia Creative is a Sydney based creative agency with a focus on consumer design and brand strategy. We create campaigns and brand personas that are customer- leaning, and this emphasis on consumer satisfaction converts to sales for our clients and brands.

There’s a misconception that creative thinking and strategic analysis don’t go together, but we’ve found a way to make them mesh. We have a brilliant team of artistic minds and insightful planners that work together to give your brand commercial success.

There’s a stereotype that artsy thinkers just want to make things visually appealing, while rational strategists fixate on the bottom line. We’ve been in business since 1991, and we’ve come up with the perfect workflow that makes the best of both. It goes something like this:

Clarify + Craft + Cultivate

Our 3Cs approach to design and branding ensures that we get to know your brand, understand your goals, integrate them with consumer desires, make a creative plan, and implement it in a way that engages and connects with your prospective clients.

Brands sometimes forget that their customer is at the heart of their success. No matter what the brand wants for itself, it can’t achieve anything without getting consumers on board. We keep your customers at the heart of every decision because ultimately, they’re in charge.

This thinking completely contradicts machine thinking, which is why we are driven by a human design approach to problem-solving. We believe it’s the most effective methodology to handle branding because it builds emotional links, and emotion always outsells logic.

Our design-led thinking has steered us to specialise in the four key areas of graphic design, namely, branding, packaging design Sydney, brochure design Sydney, logo design Sydney and prospectus design Sydney. Part of our process includes testing. It gets us into the heart of customer perspectives while also measuring business objectives and return on investment. This helps gauge marketing spend against efficiency.

Using consumer testing in the design concept stage, we can reduce risk and improve your design results. We have developed this design methodology over the last 25 years, and it helps our clients manage their marketing budgets as they grow their business.

Our award-winning team of passionate senior creative designers are based in Sydney, and they provide our clients with strategic branding, design, creative and digital services all under the one roof. Working with an integrated creative agency saves you time and money, and ensures a focused and consistent brand message across all touch points.

We offer big agency thinking with small agency flexibility.

Emedia Creative provides a tried and proven system of research and design development to produce results for our clients.

To find out how we can reduce your marketing risk with efficient design and branding contact us today on 02 9557 3366 or [email protected]

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